Hospital Dentistry

For those who cannot maintain or receive traditional dental care, hospital dentistry offers a compassionate, efficient alternative. Frequently, very young patients, those with extensive decay, or those who are unable to tolerate care in an outpatient setting, along with patients who are medically compromised can receive treatment under general anesthesia. Similarly, patients who have compromised mental functions may be unable to complete standard dental regimens on their own or may feel heightened anxiety about the responsibility. In some cases, dental needs and medical problems may be intertwined, requiring the presence of both a doctor of medicine and a dentist. These cases require localized, comprehensive care, and a hospital dentist can provide this.

The dentists who work on call within hospitals have typically received training specifically in hospital dentistry or through hospital-based courses or residency programs. Often, they have additional training in oral surgery and medicine. This combination of experience and education enables them to understand the complexities of their patients’ needs and health goals.

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